The winter that once was

eftir Håkon Broder Lund

It’s not hard to realize that this winter has been something out of the ordinary. Unfortunately this can be the norm, and sooner than we earlier expected. 2016 was the warmest year ever in recorded time. A record that has been broken third year in a row. Its sad to say that 2017 is looking to follow this trend.


Climate change is accelerating faster than we like to admit. Arctic sea ice has this winter hit a historic low. Sahara got its first snowfall in decades. There is no shortage of proof that climate change is a real problem and a real threat to all specters of life. Here in Reykjavik we almost didn’t have a winter. There was a little snow between Christmas and New Year, and the legendary dump we had in February. We take a white Christmas as a given, our children might not. As a winter loving person, this is depressing. Missing a winter is a minor issue when we look globally and what climate change will cause. Droughts will be more common, sea level rise will be real, loss of habitat for animals, imbalance in global climate, among many other issues. The list goes on.


What is so worrying today is that some world leaders doesn’t seem to believe that we as humans are not the main cause of the problem. A problem at this scale is bigger than, one person, one nation or continent. It takes everyone to take part. There is a lot one person can do to try to reduce one’s own footprint on our planes. This, however, only can help so much in the big picture and is almost useless if we globally will not work together. Everyone is in some way part of the problem, and the solution.


Let’s hope that happens before it is too late. Educate yourself. No problem can be solved with ignorance.

Håkon Broder Lund


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