Land of endless light

eftir Håkon Broder Lund

Today marks the 21th of June. Summer solstice, the longest day of the year. In Reykjavik that marks a day length of 21 hours and 08 minutes of sunlight. The sun sets just past midnight at 00:03 and sunrise at 02:55. It’s a super long day that never really gets dark.

With that in mind, a lot of photographers in the world call Iceland “The land of endless light”. Photographers often seek sunlight when it is low on the horizon. We call it “the golden hour”, the hour before the sun sets or after it rises where the light has a lovely golden hue. In Iceland, as well as any other country this far north, this part of the day may last up to many hours due to the slant sun angle. If you have been lucky enough to travel to a country near the equator, you see that the sun drops to the horizon fairly rapidly, straight down fading the day quickly into darkness and night. Here in the north we are used to the transition from day to night to be fairly gradual, slowly seeping into the night with a lovely red hue on the horizon. Being used to this the darkest really took me by surprise first time I was traveling around the equator many years ago.

We might take it for granted our lovely long summer days. Our days might not be warm, but they are sure beautiful. Enjoy it while it lasts, because from now on until December 21st, it will only go darker again with a speed of 6 min less sunlight every day and the return of the Northern Lights.

The following picture was taken last night, where the sun set right at 00:00, as you can see on the church clock.
Gotta love it!

Håkon Broder Lund


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