A sign of summer

eftir Håkon Broder Lund

A clear sign on summer to me are not only the exams we go through at the university, but also field trips. After the official exam period is over, many courses around university organize field trips to finish off the semester.

In my case, I’m rounding off this school year with a five-day field trip in glacial geology. As I write this I’m at a hotel xxx, somewhat tired after a long day around Sólheimajökull glacier in good company. Yesterday we explored glaciers and vallies in Þorsmörk, among other areas. On our trip, we accidently bumped into the field trip for first year geology students. They were clearly enjoying them self!

These trips are highly beneficial to many courses as they highlight everything we have gone through in the course. In the classes and in the books, you get a base understanding of how a topic is to be understood. One thing is to read, but seeing it with your own eyes and touch it with your own hands gives you a whole different understanding of a complex system. Diffuse topics now became clear as the context around it tells it story in a whole new way.

Not all courses have field trips, and not all need it. As a visual learner, I’m glad I’m in a course that has frequent field trips throughout its path. It’s a sign of summer, and marks the end of a good semester. Let the summer holiday begin and I will see you back at uni in the fall.

Håkon Broder Lund


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